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Branded Varroa Treatments


Brand names include Apiguard, Api Life Var and Thymovar. Can be bought freely without prescription. There is not any awareness of mite resistance but because of the temperature dependency the efficacy can be variable.


Has had VMD Marketing Authorisation since Feb 2013. It contains Formic Acid in two strips which are placed above the brood box (between brood boxes in brood and a half and double brood) and below the supers. The Formic acid penetrates the cappings and kills mites within the cell and does not taint the honey so supers can be left on during treatment. The hive should be well ventilated and the ambient temperature below 25'C

Oxalic Acid

Api-Bioxal - A formulation of Oxalic Acid recently approved by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate. Oxalic acid acts by contact with varroa mites on adult bees preventing them from sucking haemolymph. It does not penetrate capped brood so must only be used in winter when the colony is brood-less. Efficacy said to be in excess of 90%. It should only be used once per year and at the recommended dose and concentration. It is supplied in sachets which need to be diluted with sugar syrup to give a concentration of 4.2%

Oxybee - Recently licensed. Solution lasts for 12 months in fridge when mixed.

Oxuvar - Available for trickling or spraying.

Pyrethroid strips


Brand names Apistan and Bayvarol.


You can buy over the counter freely without prescription. However, there is a degree of mite resistance to pyrethroids so it's a bit chancy to rely totally on them.

Amitraz strips


Brand names Apivar and Apitraz. Recently licensed. Can be bought from suppliers. Highly effective.

The above is not an exhaustive list of all varroa treatments or all brand names.


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