RBKA beginner's beekeeping course

RBKA runs a fantastic beginner's course each year in spring. This course runs over two days and covers a range of topics to help new beekeepers gain knowledge and confidence in managing their own colonies.

Theory sessions cover topics such as:

  • Honey bee introduction, castes, life cycle, anatomy and physiology

  • Types of beehive and beekeeping tools

  • Swarms and swarm control methods

  • Pests and diseases

  • The beekeeping year

Practical sessions are held at the RBKA training apiary where you will handle honeybees under the supervision of a experienced beekeepers. These sessions will cover:

  • Hive parts and how to use beekeeping tools

  • How to inspect a hive

  • Finding and marking the queen

  • Identifying healthy brood in all stages

  • Handling and making frames

  • Identifying different castes of bee

Bee suits and all equipment will be provided on the day.

Provisional Dates - Saturday & Sunday 2nd & 3rd May 2020.

Provisional Cost - £40

For further course details or to book a place on the 2020 beginner's beekeeping course please contact Jonathan Burton via jonathanburton@aol.com 

The RBKA training apiary

Beekeeping beginner marking a queen bee at RBKA training apiary

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