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 Beginner's Course for


25th & 26thth May 2024.


Venue. Kingswood, Dearne Valley, Denaby Main,

Doncaster DN12 4EA


Association Apiary at Thrybergh Country Park. S65 4NU.

Saturday 10am - 4pm and Sunday 10.30am - 4pm.

Tea and Coffee provided.

Cost £20

 Send your name and email address via the contact page and you will be contacted as soon as a member of the team is available.

RBKA training aiary

RBKA beginner's beekeeping course

RBKA runs a fantastic beginner's course each year in spring. This course runs over two days and covers a range of topics to help new beekeepers gain knowledge and confidence in managing their own colonies.

You are required to attend both days to complete the course. 

Saturday 13th May. Arrive at Kingswood, Denaby Main, Doncaster, DN12 4EA at 10am for part 1 of the theory session.


Theory sessions cover topics such as:

  • Honey bee introduction, castes, life cycle, anatomy and physiology

  • Types of beehive and beekeeping tools

  • Swarms and swarm control methods

  • Pests and diseases

  • The beekeeping year

Sunday 14th May. Arrive at Kingswood, Dearne Valley, Denaby Main, Doncaster, DN12 4EA at 10:30 for part 2 of the theory session. 

On both days when the theory session is finished, around lunchtime, you are expected to make your own way to the Association Apiary at Thryberg Country Park, S65 4NU for the practical sessions. 

Practical sessions are held at the RBKA training apiary where you will handle honeybees under the supervision of a experienced beekeepers. These sessions will cover:

  • Hive parts and how to use beekeeping tools

  • How to inspect a hive

  • Finding and marking the queen

  • Identifying healthy brood in all stages

  • Handling and making frames

  • Identifying different castes of bee

Bee suits and all equipment will be provided on the day.

Tea and coffee will be provided at Kingswood.

There is a cafe at Thryberg Country Park if you wish to purchase food, snacks, drinks before the start of the practical sessions. 

The RBKA training apiary

Queen bee marking

Beekeeping beginner marking a queen bee at RBKA training apiary

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