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AGM October 16th 2019


Chairperson’s Report


Treasurer, Secretary and Apiary Managers report will cover most of the aspects of this year’s activities. I would just like to mention the Beginners course held in May which Jon organised and had a good attendance and was well received by all. We now have a significant number of new members who are all very welcome. I would also like to thank Jon for his work as treasurer. A challenging task this year with the transition to a new system.

Mel has done sterling work as Secretary. She moved our website to a new provider and we have had a lot more interest in the Association since then. She has also fielded the enquiries that have come through the web. Mel is stepping down as Secretary as changes in her day job will make it difficult to devote the time required. Thanks to Sarah has very kindly offered to take on the role. Sarah has also refined the website and offered to continue managing it. Thanks also to Mel who has made a big difference to the Apiary, repairing equipment and building
up the stocks. He is now taking some hives to a hotel site at the Sheffield Business Park with the aim of using this for queen rearing.


Apiary Report

Following the losses of 2017, and the apiary being closed due to a Bio hazard from June to October, the year started with only one colony of bees. The complete Apiary had to be sterilised/disinfected and all wax replaced. I am happy to report that this is is now almost complete. With donated colonies and swarms, collected, we now have eight good colonies, one being at the new site at the Mercure hotel Sheffield Parkway. One of my colonies on site for moving to Mercure hotel in a few weeks.

I have taken a small quantity of honey off and talks are in progress with a view to selling the honey at Thrybergh, labelled in their name. All colonies currently have a full super of stores to see them through winter.


The Beginners’ Course this year was successful, with a variety of bees available for demonstration, from large colonies down to nucs. The feedback received was encouraging. Many of the students now have their own bees and hopefully will become good members of this association.


The Fun Day held at Thrybergh earlier this year was successful and was very well supported with more people than previously stopping to see the bees and ask questions about bees in general. In particular, the media reports of bee decline and about keeping bees and training.


The good weather helped and we managed to sell a few wax products on the day. Hopefully next year Thrybergh Country Park will be available for sale.

Secretary's Report

It has been a busy season taking calls about swarms, responding to enquiries from the website and forwarding communications from YBKA and BBKA. I have tried to pick up anything that there hasn't been other volunteers for, wherever possible.

Treasurer's Report

Financial Report 2018-2019

This financial year has been as successful in monetary terms as I hope it has been for your bees. A return on our membership fee from YBKA for a number of years of Gift Aid and smaller general bills in running the association coincided with an excellent turn out at the beginner’s course allowed us to make a good surplus for the forthcoming year. However, it is likely that we may have to move our Apiary within Thrybergh Country park which will no doubt be expensive for fencing and improved housing for our equipment.


The most important move to report to you this year is the move from Lloyds Bank Plc to Yorkshire Bank for our account. This has allowed further signatories to the account whilst require at least two signatures to access the account, one of which should be either the
Treasure or the Chairperson. This move has not yet been completed due to unforeseen circumstances. IN the coming weeks, should you be paying your membership fee by Internet banking please ensure that the account is at the Yorkshire Bank whose details I shall put the
foot of the page.

Beginners Course 2019
There is no doubt that the short-term nature of our beginner’s course linked to its nominal cost has made it popular with the local potential beekeeping community. This year was the best attended course that we have run in recent years. Not only does the course raise funds
for the Association but also maintains a steady stream of new members to enliven our Association.

Jonathan Burton

Election of Officers

Sarah Simpson offered to take over the role of Secretary from Mel.
Mike Parkinson offered to join the committee as Beginners’ Representative

At the meeting, David Allen brought along some interesting items to share and discuss including a preserved hornet, some Italian honeydew and a BBKA hood ornament. Alan Turton gave us an insight into beekeeping in Poland - this will be discussed further in a talk as part of the March 2020 meeting. There was a microscope set up with slides of bee parts and varroa for members to observe, and samples of mead, honey and honey cake to share.

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