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AGM October 17th 2018


Chairperson’s Report


At our Winter meetings Ivor Flatman judged our honey show then we had Rhodi Green from the Bumble Bee Trust talking about Bumblebees. We had a practical session making hornet traps. Jon Burton talked about Preparing bees for OSR. Dave Shannon gave us plenty of practical tips and Gerry Collins educated us on the use of Nucs.


We held a Beginners Course again this year. We had 7 attendees, good weather and nice hives to inspect. All participants seemed to enjoy the course.


We have a ‘new look’ website and thanks are due to Mel Colony for sorting it out.  We previously had talk-talk as the ‘host’, however they stopped hosting websites and we had to find a new provider. Steven Holloway, past member who moved to Spain, was our webmaster and continued to update the website over the last few years. Unfortunately, he is unable to access our new site from the computer equipment. We are very grateful for all the work he has done in the past.

Apiary Report

Having lost eight out of nine hives over winter and the one remaining being very weak, coaxing it to grow became a struggle as the queen was not laying well. Three new queens were produced but only one returned, as a drone layer.


Then in June, the apiary was closed by a Health and Safety Officer due to a bio hazard being discovered. As a result access was denied until the end of September when the hazard had been removed.


The remaining hive was moved to another site, Bailey change performed due to contamination and from then on the hive grew and is now a large heathy hive with plenty of stores to get through the Winter.


It will not be returning to Thrybergh until the New Year as all the equipment left at the apiary has to be disinfected and wax replaced because contamination had been found in some of the hives.

On a brighter note, a gazebo and table have been purchased and the Notice Board repaired so that the commitment to the Rotherham Park could be met.


Mel C and I managed a stall at both the Thrybergh Fun Day and the Friends of Ulley Open Day where donated items were sold for the Association.


The exhibition hive proved very popular with the visitors.

AGM Picture.png

With the aid of a second hive of bees at the apiary, provided by Jon, the training weekend was a success and the bees behaved very well.


Further training was carried out on various Sundays until the apiary was closed.

Secretary's Report


A busy, but enjoyable, few months. 


The main element has been forwarding YBKA communications and other items to Association members.


However, I have also spent some time fielding phone and email enquiries that turned out to be about bumble bees (as I'm sure have many beekeepers!), and, with Steven Holloway's invaluable help, moved the website to a new host.


I'm now doing my best to keep the website up to date (so if there's anything you'd like to see added, let me know) and I've been responding to enquiries via the Website from potential new members and encouraging folk to come along to our meetings to meet us and get involved.

Treasurer’s Report


To Follow.

Election of Officers


No nominations. Current post holders re-elected.


Bron in her role as Area Rep informed the members about the Spring conference and Education meetings that Yorkshire BKA is arranging.


Jon Burton talked about different races of Honey Bees and members discussed their experiences over the last beekeeping season.


Thanks  Bron 

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